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Health Benefits of Smoothies

*Easy on the body. Liquids require less energy from the body to digest which explains why smoothies can make people feel energized. You’re getting all of the good nutrients without spending as much energy to break it down to be used by the body.

*Get nutrients to muscles as quick as possible. Because smoothies are easy for the body to digest, protein and other nutrients are shuttled throughout the body quickly. Smoothies are perfect for post-workout replenishment.
*Protein + a little sugar is ideal! A 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein is optimal for shuttling protein into depleted muscles and for replenishing glycogen stores. A better meal-replacement option.
*Smoothies are perfect for meal replacement. The protein curbs hunger, the fruit sugar gives your body a slow-release of energy and add-ins like peanut butter keep you full for hours because of its’ healthy fats. With the right supplements, smoothies can also contain Vitamin C, B Vitamins, green tea and more!


Protein gives each smoothie you blend up some creaminess, body and a hint of flavor with each scoop.Each scoop contains 20g of protein which has shown to be the ideal amount for the average individual following their workout to help replenish your body and repair muscles.


Fruit Purees

Your fruit purees are made with real crushed fruit and only contain fruit sugar- no other added sugars. Fruit sugar is gentler on the body than other sugars and causes less of a blood sugar spike. You might think our product contains several preservatives but really, each bottle contains only .01% of a preservative.You can be confident you’re getting only the best quality.

The flavor is neutral so that each supplement can fit into any smoothie.

Fiber: Regulates blood sugar. Normalizes bowel movements. Lowers cholesterol. Aids in weight loss.
Multivitamin: Fills in nutritional gaps. Contains B Vitamins, Magnesium, Iron, Biotin and more!
Metabolism Boost: Non-stimulant. Helps to stimulate your body’s natural fat burning systems.
Glutamine: An amino acid. Minimizes breakdown of muscle. Improves protein synthesis.
Creatine: Speeds up muscle growth. Improves high-intensity exercise performance.
BCAAs: Improves the use of fat for energy. Replenishes electrolytes. Aids in muscle recovery
Veggie Boost: Aids in boosting immunity. Contains one full serving of veggies in each ounce.
Energy: Contains green tea and other stimulants. Contains B12 for a more natural boost

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