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Golf Club and Ball

Golf Simulator

Golf has always been a way to reduce stress and meet new people. Another benefit of golf is the improvement of flexibility and balance. From Pebble Beach to Bay Hill, you can select from over 100 courses that are located from all over the world.


When you enter the area you’re hitting from, it’s important to feel like you have space. Each bay is 15 feet wide and 10 feet tall. The ball is placed under the camera before each shot and you hit the ball into a screen. Bring your own golf clubs or use the ones we have available.


The system that was installed uses high speed cameras to simulate where the ball would land. After each shot, the software will analyze the ball and give you helpful data to improve your game. Information like ball speed, spin rate, direction and distance give you a life-like experience. Golf Lessons available.


You can also practice your putting or hit from a driving range individuals, or fun mini-games for friends and family. Golf leagues are starting. Enjoy a cold beer with a buddy. Tee times available during staffed hours at Riverside Athletic Club.


And don’t forget to take a mulligan every once in a while.

Golf Club and Ball
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